Creating Social Impact
through Career Counseling

Anywhere, Anytime

Our test can be taken by the student anywhere ,anytime ie at school, home or internet café.

Comprehensive Testing

Our career assessment platform provides the most comprehensive career fitment for a student as it takes into account knowledge level based on curriculum, inherent abilities, interest and personality.

Multiple Languages

We believe in reaching out to students in every part of India. We understand the importance of mothertongue when it comes to testing a student in India. Our test is currently available in English and Kannada. We would be making the test available in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Bengali soon.


We are making an effort to reach out to the every student in Senior secondary school in India. Schools without computer labs can also use the Marg Platform.


Every student has to be provided a chance to explore a career that best suits him/her. We aim to make this affordable for the common man in India.

Simplified Reports

Our system generated reports are self-explanatory and has been designed by psychologists keeping in mind a child’s understanding of career options.

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