The team demonstrated exceptional proficiency and cooperation throughout our interactions. Their friendly demeanor and willingness to assist made the process hassle-free. With their prompt responses and overall professionalism, our experience was truly commendable. We extend our sincere gratitude to the team for their outstanding service.

Principal Aavishkar Academy

The personalized counseling sessions with the Marg Team surpassed our expectations. Their adept approach in connecting with both students and parents was incredibly informative, providing insightful suggestions tailored to our unique situation. The entire process was seamless and highly beneficial. Heartfelt thanks to the Marg Team for their exceptional support.

Principal BGS Model Public School, Mandya District

The counselors' professionalism and the unwavering commitment demonstrated by the ERA Foundation representatives throughout the program were truly exceptional.

Principal Nurture International School

They provide valuable insights into career choices and offer thoughtful recommendations to help students make informed decisions.

Principal KLE Athani, Belagavi

Through the offline standardized test screening process, they diligently assess and meticulously report the results, followed by comprehensive counseling sessions for a thorough and insightful experience.

Principal KLEI’S International, Belagavi

Providing personalized guidance, they not only elucidate diverse career paths but also offer tailored counsel to each student regarding their individual journey.

Principal KLE Ankali, Belagavi

The counselors from MARG were highly organized and informative, demonstrating effective time management skills, resulting in an impressive accuracy rate of 80-85%.

Principal KLE Rajajinagar

They ingeniously simplified the intricacies of various career fields while guiding students, offering a uniquely accessible approach.

Principal KLE Lingaraj School, Belagavi

Each parent emerged with contented feedback as counselors from MARG adeptly attended to both parent and students’ inquiries, leaving no question unaddressed.

Principal KLE Nagarbhavi

Conductivity of test like this is a sign of knowing the learning levels of students and will be possible to know the capacities and where they are, especially through online test is a good sign

Principal MJPTBCWREIS Mahabubnagar

The initiative which ERA foundation is taking to develop the self thinking ability about their future endeavors is parise worthy

Principal MJPTBCWREIS Kalwakurthy

The Marg team visited our school where students gained knowledge on subjects like science,social,maths and english they also answered aptitude questions and general knowledge questions on the whole the programme was useful for the students

Principal GJC Kadaba,Tumkur

Marg team conducted professional guidance test for 10th std students the test was conducted very fairly and smoothly the students are now able to know the various professional courses and their choice of selection according to their knowledge

Principal GJC Turuvekere

The career counselling programme was very useful for our students. It will help students for their future career and we are thankful for act of kindness

Principal KPS Varthur

It was helpful for students to self analyse their knowledge level,aptitude,interests and overall personality so it will be helpful for their selection of future vocation

Principal GHS Immadihalli

Skill and aptitude test was given to the class of 10th std using the tabs basically it was wonderful for students career It contains MCQ and also best exhibit there talents.It contains general knowledge as well as science It is wonderful

Principal GHS Chikkabidarakallu

Vocational Guidance was given well with the help of the tabs. Aptitude, subjects were all included. This was easy for us to know the calibre of our students

Principal GHS Kengeri Upanagara

The programme was very essential for SSLC students for career development THis programme enabled the students to think about their future career.

Principal GHS hegganahalli