Changing work environments and higher competition in college admissions make having good communication skills in English critical.


Here are some tips to improve your communication skills in English

Read Books in English

Read books in English so as to improve your vocabulary .There are a wide variety of books that might suit your interest area like;
Fiction: Historical, Fantasies,Detective etc
Non-Fiction: Selp –help, Biographies,Travel etc

Watch Movies In English

This will help you understand fundamentals like basic greetings, summarizing, common usage of words,para-phrasing etc

Use internet and technology

Use audio tapes and You tube videos to understand pronunciation of common words, usage of phrases etc

Take initiative to present a topic in your class

Presenting in English to your class or school mates during a session will boost your confidence in your communicative abilities in English.

Talk to your Classmates in English

Try to talk to your class mates in English while discussing home work and assignments. This will help you as well as your friends to improve your communication skills in English.