Personality refers to an individual’s way of thinking, feeling, and behaving. It is suggested that personality can have certain traits that are stable but can also be influenced by external factors such as culture, family, and other environmental factors.


It has been indicated that an individual’s personality significantly affects their performance in any job role. Therefore, personality assessments are included in the process of career counseling. Most career counselors use models such as the Big 5, Four Temperaments, and MBTI for personality assessments, and include interest profiling in the counseling process as well.

The personality tests aim to measure those characteristics that are unique to the individual, such as their patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving. They help in narrowing down careers based on the skills that come naturally and do not come naturally to the individual.


Using personality assessments can help an individual at certain critical moments in their career path, such as when-

  • Choosing the subject combinations and/or stream after 10th
  • Choosing the course to pursue after 12th
  • Choosing the postgraduate course to be pursued to reach a career goal

Moreover, being aware of one’s personality will help the individual outline a more effective resume and cover letter. However, it should be kept in mind that these tests are not definitive and do not indicate a single best career option. They only aid in guiding the individual in making the best use of his/her innate abilities simultaneously, ensuring appropriate person-job fit.


When an individual takes up a personality test, it provides information that will impact work-related factors such as work engagement, job satisfaction, job performance, work adaptability, etc. Further, personality assessments also highlight certain other aspects including-

  • Careers that are best suited to the strengths and weakness based on one’s personality
  • Activities or tasks that one tends to enjoy or avoid
  • One’s ability and style while working in a group
  • Suggestions to improve on one’s strengths and identify one’s weaknesses


There are specific ways in which using personality assessments can aid in the process of career counseling.

1. To customize the process of career counseling

Personality tests are self-assessments that outline the characteristics, emotional makeup, and the stability of the individual. They also enable the person to reconstruct their personality more realistically. Further, it also indicates the individual’s approach to learning, confidence in performing tasks, self-esteem, vocational interests, course and/or career choices, as well as interaction during career counseling. This information then helps the career counselor to customize the process of career counseling based on the requirements of that individual.

2. To narrow down the possible course/career choices

These tests provide a list of careers that appear to be a good fit for the individual’s personality. It is based on the idea that having certain personality traits makes it easier for one to work in some specific areas rather than others. Also, certain occupations and workplaces may require certain personality traits. Therefore, the list of possible career choices can be narrowed down using personality assessments. This will enable the student to narrow down the list of subjects or courses to pursue in order to reach their career goal.

3. To build on one’s strengths

Personality tests enable the individual to become aware of his/her strengths and weaknesses. These indications help the individual to focus on career choices that utilize their strengths. When these individuals start their careers in the chosen field, it will also ensure that they are more capable of achieving their goals, managing their jobs, and experiencing enhanced life satisfaction.

4. To be successful and happy in one’s career

It is easy to pick careers that pay well or are related to one’s area of expertise. However, an essential factor to be kept in mind is how happy will the person be in a particular career. The use of personality tests ensures that the person-job fit is indicated based on how the person likes to work. It also shows what kind of tasks will help the individual achieve job satisfaction, happiness, and success in the career. Furthermore, it outlines the work environment the individual will work most efficiently in, such as interpersonal relationships at work.

On the whole, personality assessments point the individual towards those careers that will make the best use of their potential, provide fulfillment, and align with their values.

So, before enrolling in a specific course, take the MARG Career Guidance test. By analysing your strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes, interests and disinterests, skills and competencies, the MARG Career Guidance test will help you identify the careers in which you can excel.

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