Have you ever wondered why it’s easier for you to understand a difficult concept when your friend explains it to you or when you read it by yourself.This might be your learning style.Learning styles are classified broadly into 3 categories: Visual,Auditory and Kinesthetic.Most people use a combination of these styles to get best results.


Visual Learner

You can easily remember things that you see or read.

Tips to Learn
  • You get an opportunity to help someone in need.
  • Use flash cards: Memorize with pictures
  • Use diagrams and flow charts to remember
  • When trying to remember information, close your eyes and visualize
  • Use symbols to remember words
  • When learning a new word, visualize it’s spelling
  • Watch videos of topics that you learn at school

Auditory Learner

You can easily remember or learn what you hear.

Tips to Learn.
  • Study in groups: Discuss concepts and topics
  • Come up with a rhyme or tune to remember concepts
  • Read out loud
  • Play recorded lectures to understand concepts
  • Try to find a quiet place to study
  • Ask questions in class.

Kinesthetic Learner

You learn by doing things .For example: Doing an experiment in science lab makes the concept very easy for you to understand.

Tips to Learn.
  • Walk while reading notes
  • Perform some kind of activity while listening to audio lectures
  • Doodle while studying
  • Conduct experiments to understand a concept
  • Take breaks while studying.