What you do in high school will help make your college life easy. Planning ahead will help avoid mistakes that might cost you later in your work life.


Give importance to your studies

Subjects taught in high school might seem irrelevant at this point of time. However, understanding of basic concepts will help breeze through complex topics later in your PUC/12th grade.

Try to complete your assignments on time

Having a systematic approach to studies and activities at school will definitely help in your work life. These are habits that will last a life time.

Getting good grades

Your grades in 10th and 12th Grade will play a role in your college admissions and even help potential employers assess you.

Explore courses that are outside your regular school subjects

Try taking up courses online or at school that are outside your regular school curriculum. For example: If you are interested in art, take a painting class.This will help you explore and understand whether you would be interested in career options related to art or whether you enjoy it only as a hobby.

Find career options that suit you

Think about what kind of job fascinates you and the kind of activities that generally excites you. Take a Career Planning Test to help you shortlist one or two career areas that you might be interested in. This is the time to explore, as you will have enough time to make mistakes and make course corrections.

Talk to adults in your family circle for guidance

You might have an uncle or aunt who is currently in a profession that you are interested in or who you look up to as a mentor. Talk to people in your family circle to understand what they enjoy or dislike in their respective professions.

Talk to your Parents

Most students in high school avoid talking to parents about aspirations and dreams.Try to talk to your parents so that they can help you research more about professions or career paths that you are interested in.Parents play a key role in funding your college education.Talking to them about your aspirations will help them be prepared emotionally and financially.